Frequently Asked Questions

Assignment of a lead consultant is done based on if the consultant has:

1. Previously worked with a similar profile, which could mean a similar company or industry.
2. Graduated from a business school to which the applicant is interested in applying.
3. Sent previous applicants to the business school of their choice.
4. Capacity at the time while taking on an applicant.

Each lead consultant works with five applicants per application round and cycle. The Red Pen believes in a personalized approach and allocates time to each applicant. We believe in quality over quantity so that lead consultants can give sufficient time to each applicant. We ensure our lead consultants are comfortable with the workload.

Yes, our team will understand your goals, your profile and will help guide your decision.

Depends! Two years is the bare minimum for many business schools. Although, given the right profile and work experience, this could be taken into consideration. We recommend aspiring applicants come in for the Application Roadmap Meeting with one of our consultants. This allows us to understand your profile, gauge your aspirations and will eventually enable us to provide a customised recommendation.

Yes. The lead consultant assigned to the applicant will review their academic strength (GMAT and undergraduate performance), work experience, post-MBA goals and leadership potential to suggest best-fit programmes. With a global team across three continents that have graduated from top business schools across the world and have helped applicants to secure admits to the top 25 MBA programmes globally, their experience and advice play a vital role in this process.

While the time varies with each applicant, we have seen that a typical application takes around four weeks. The time per application decreases with subsequent schools to two weeks per business school as stories, resumes, and letters of recommendation are already in place.