MBA Letter of Recommendation Strategy


A strong and well-crafted letter of recommendation can significantly impact your MBA application. Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your strengths, accomplishments, and goals. Based on this information, we will help you identify the most suitable recommenders who can effectively highlight your potential as an MBA candidate.

Since every applicant is unique, we believe their recommendation letters should reflect their originality. Therefore, we help you provide tailored instructions to your selected recommenders, guiding them on structuring the letter and what experiences and qualities they should include. 

What does this service include?

We provide you with personalized guidance to help you create reference points for your recommender. You will understand how to position your strengths while also providing balanced information to your chosen recommender.

What is not included?

We do not write your letter or recommendation.

Who will interact with me ?

You will speak to a seasoned specialist who has worked on thousands of letters of recommendation. Our expert will provide you with context and practical tips to create a document that you can share with your recommenders 

What kind of inputs will I receive?

Our expert advice will guide you to reflect on providing your recommender with adequate data points across a range of activities to help them reflect meaningfully on the time they spent working with you to provide business schools with specific feedback.

Expert advice on selecting recommenders for impactful reference letters that strengthen your MBA application.