Standalone MBA Essay Editing Services – 2 MBA Program


Our MBA essay specialists are committed to helping you develop compelling personal and professional essays for your MBA applications.  This essay service offers comprehensive feedback, focusing on clarity, coherence, and the overall strength of your narrative. Our goal is to assist you in presenting your story in a way that resonates with the admissions panel.

You will receive detailed in-line edits that directly address areas of improvement. Our specialists will highlight grammatical errors, sentence structure enhancements, and suggestions for refining your content. In addition to in-line edits, you’ll benefit from margin comments that explain the reasoning behind suggested changes. This insightful commentary offers you a deeper understanding of the editing process and helps you enhance your writing skills.

We understand that crafting a standout essay takes time and revision. With our service, you can submit up to five drafts of your essays for review, allowing you to refine your content and make significant improvements.

Disclaimer: This service is for editing school-specific essays only. It doesn’t include counseling, letters of recommendation support, form review, resume review, or any other service.

What does this service include?

We help you refine your unique narrative for essays to specific business schools.

What is not included?

We do not write your essay or provide school-specific research inputs.

Who will review my essays?

Your essays will be reviewed by an in-house expert, with experience reviewing thousands of essays to leading global business schools.

What kind of edits will I receive for my material?

Our edits and comments will help you refine your narrative by reflecting on learnings from personal and professional milestones and your impact on those around you. With our guidance you will present your authentic self in essays through relevant personal examples and insights. We will also check for grammatical and syntax errors to elevate the effectiveness of your essay content.


Our MBA essay specialists provide you with focused comments to hone your authentic voice and craft unique, compelling narratives highlighting your individuality.