Single Video-Recorded MBA Mock Interview


Our experienced interviewers will simulate MBA interviews to provide an authentic and realistic experience. It will include the most commonly asked questions from the past two years. Our specialists will also use their knowledge and expertise to help you handle any curveball that may come your way during the real interview. 

After each mock interview, you will engage in a 30-minute real-time feedback session to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. We also give you video recordings of each mock interview and the subsequent feedback session. These recordings are an invaluable resource for self-assessment. Reviewing your performance allows you to analyze your responses objectively and track your progress over time.

What does this service include?

You will have a single video-recorded mock interview conducted by an experienced consultant, who will also provide you with feedback on your performance. 

What is not included?

We do not review your submitted application to the business school you are interviewing for.

What kind of inputs will I receive?

Our experienced consultant will provide you with detailed feedback on how you  present yourself during the interview and the content of your responses. You will receive the recording of your session and feedback. 

A one-on-one recorded mock MBA interview session with an expert who will provide personalized feedback on your ability to field diverse question categories.