Wharton Team Based Discussion Simulation


This mock interview is conducted in Wharton’s unique style, offering a realistic experience to familiarize you with the format. 


It includes a 30-minute discussion focusing on relevant industry-related topics, allowing you to showcase your ability to collaborate, communicate, and think critically within a group setting. 


This discussion is followed by a 20-minute individual interview, where you are encouraged to showcase your personal qualities, career aspirations, and academic achievements. While you will receive collective group feedback for the discussion, our interviewers will highlight areas of strength and improvement of your one-on-one interaction in real-time.

What does this service include?

You will participate in a mock team based discussion conducted virtually by an experienced panel of consultants, who will oversee the discussion and conduct individual interviews with participants after the group discussion. You will receive personalized feedback for your performance in the individual and group interactions and will gain perspective on the group’s performance from the consultants.

What is not included?

We do not review your submitted Wharton application.

What kind of inputs will I receive?

You will gain access to a video recording with students admitted to Wharton providing practical tips on preparing for the mock group discussion. The group discussion is recorded and participants are provided with a video recording of the discussion* (*subject to conditions).You will also receive individual tips to improve your presentation and performance from a senior consultant.

An interactive session that recreates the Wharton Team-based discussion, offering both group and individual feedback.